Physical Commodity Trading

Futrac AG is a registered Swiss company that has a long term view to increase and protect wealth. We apply specialized knowledge in trading Commodities and Futures

Core competence:

Facilitating trade between miners, producers and manufacturers of all kinds of commodities

Hedging of positions.

Wholesale, distribution, import/export.

Moving commodities worldwide requires genuine cultural knowledge, proven experience and a dedicated approach

Our business is the distribution and delivery of physical commodities worldwide, giving special emphasis to emerging economies, balancing their needs, growing their assets and matching their interests with those of developed countries.

We provide supply, production and logistics support to satisfy our customers in every aspect of their businesses. We offer professional and experienced support on the financial markets to hedge our clients’ exposure.

Through our activity, we have built a number of partnerships. It is our mission to serve the commodity industry as a global player, following our clients both on the physical and financial markets.

Our ability to operate across the value chain has provided us with a uniquely strong position to control physical flows, manage risk, optimize returns and deliver value with trust!

Trading education

The following courses are offered:

An online intensive 6-Month Course in Technical Analysis

Offering an intensive online 6 months educational course. Learn about futures, stocks, options, FOREX including cryptocurrencies, ETF trading.

It is our mission to educate people about finances using commodity trading and investing in income producing RE as tools to create financial independence and wealth and give back to society.

There is a possibility to create financial freedom in order to be able to do what you want to do.

The goal is also financial education and the teaching of a Wealth Creators mindset by learning and applying different behavior patterns.

• to create awareness that changes towards different results are possible.
• by educating people in finances in a way that will not be taught at school or university
• to create a financially strong company
• using leverage in terms of people, money and other resources
• to make a difference in Society by financing and motivating people to set up their own business to be able to look after themselves and their families and friends (ripple effect)

The course consists of 23 video lessons (each video is approx. 1.5 hours) , additional instruction video’s together with presentation slides. Each lesson is accompanied by a Word document consisting of about 30 pages, Excel spreadsheets for risk management, and 4 discretionary trading strategies. You will find a lot more information on this website under the “education” tab.

Course Price: CHF 8.500,-

A 16 week course “Develop your full potential” This is a live course with weekly online meetings, meditations, homework, assignments where you are in charge of the area in your life that you wish to work on. It is an intensive course which needs about 10 hours per week of your time. Minimum number of participants 20.

You will find more information under the education tab. Course price: CHF 3.995.-